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01 Dec #28 Jerry “Drowning has no prejudice” (39 years old)/

"I, Jerry Stambaugh do not know how to swim.  There I said it." Confident. Funny. Outgoing. Intelligent. That's how I would describe my friend, Jerry. He's the guy everyone loves, the life of the party. I just assumed he was a good swimmer. He goes to...

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18 Nov #27 Francesca “Overly confident Frankie” (3 years old)/

[caption id="attachment_2303" align="alignright" width="300"] wonderstruckphotography.com[/caption] Francesca's ("Frankie's") mom, Mina, and I both grew up in San Diego, swimming for rival teams. Whenever I see her, a vision of a 1980's swim meet comes to mind...

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